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Regional Committees serve as the gateway for getting new items on the national agenda to modify the United States standards for weights and measures.  They are also a forum for providing further development of these items and developing regional consensus.

At the Annual Meeting, held each fall, the Western Weights and Measures Standing Committees conduct open hearings for all carryover items from the NCWM and receive new items for consideration.  They deliberate in work sessions where they prepare addendum sheets to their reports and present their reports for the voting session.  The purpose of the voting is to develop a regional position for each of the items on the NCWM agenda.

2021 WWMA Annual Meeting
Sept. 26 - 30 | Golden, CO
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    • September 26, 2021
    • (MDT)
    • September 30, 2021
    • (MDT)
    • Golden, CO

    2021 WWMA Annual Meeting Registration

    September 26 - 30 |  Golden, CO

    *Note:  Accommodations will be made to attend this meeting virtually for those unable to attend in person due to budget or pandemic restrictions.

      Member Retired Single Day Guest
     Registration $350* $0 $100 N/A
    *Includes Membership Dues        
     Special Events Member Retired Single Day Guest
        President's Breakfast included included included $40
        Tuesday Outing included $100 $100 $100
        Wednesday Dinner included $100 $100 $100

    *Note: If paying by check, send to:
    Attn: Mahesh Albuquerque
    14830 E Jefferson Avenue
    Aurora, CO 80014 


    The Golden Hotel

    800 11th Street
    Golden, CO 80401
    P. 303-279-0100


    Please make your reservations as early as possible.  Reservations will be accepted through August 26, 2021; reservations made after that date will be subject to room and date availability.  Attendees should contact the hotel at 303-279-0100 and must specify the “Western Weights and Measures Association Meeting” when making reservations.


    Room Rate:  $195/per night

    Early Bird Reservation Deadline:

    WWMA Contacts
    Host: Mahesh Albuquerque
    Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety
    P. 303-318-8502
    E. mahesh.albuquerque@state.co.us

    President: Scott Simmons
    Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety
    P. 303-378-1103
    E. scott.simmons@state.co.us

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