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Western Weights and Measures Association

Propose Change to Handbook(s)

Form 15: Proposal to Amend Handbooks (2020)

Submit a Proposal to Amend a Handbook:

1. Complete Form 15: Proposal to Amend Handbooks.

2. Include all necessary research and documentation with form.

3. Submit form by August 15 to Don Onwiler (NCWM) via email at

4. If possible, attend the regional association meeting(s) for the association that your proposal has been submitted to.  This will allow you the opportunity to openly discuss your proposal with the Committee members and other attendees.

5. Contact NCWM for assistance at (402) 434-4880.

What Happens Next?

If the regional association forwards your proposal to the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) Standing Committees it will be considered at the NCWM Interim meeting in January through open hearings and committee process.  Standing Committees determine the status of agenda items for the Annual Meeting in July.

Status Options Are:

  • Withdrawn - Item will not be considered further

  • Developmental - Item will be developed further by the submitter

  • Informational - Item will be further developed under the direction of the NCWM Standing Committee

  • Voting - Item will be voted on at the NCWM Annual Meeting in July

The Interim meeting agenda items that are recommended to be moved forward by the Standing Committee are incorporated into the Annual Meeting Agenda (NCWM Publication 16).  If the item is adopted by the Conference in July, it will be published in the handbook and enforceable the following January 1.

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