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Western Weights and Measures Association

WWMA Awards

Ray Rebuffo Award  |  Les Murphy Award  |  Earl Prideaux Award
Presidents Award  |  Honorary Fellow Award

Ray Rebuffo Award

This award is presented to an active member from a western jurisdiction (state/county/city) who has been widely recognized for outstanding effort to advance the principles of the Association within the recent past.

It is awarded by the Association in memory of Ray Rebuffo, a WWMA pioneer who was an early leader in the western jurisdictions and Chief Sealer of Weights and Measures for the state of Nevada.  Ray Rebuffo was a tireless worker on behalf of weights and measures both in Nevada and nationally through the National Conference on Weights and Measures.  Ray was responsible for Nevada being in the first group of ten states to receive new state standards from the federal government (NIST…then NBS) for its new State Metrology Laboratory in 1970.  He died of a heart attack on the day the new Nevada Metrology Laboratory was dedicated.


  • John Lewis
  • Earl Prideaux
  • Gary Delano
  • Lyman Holloway
  • Elvin Leerman
  • Kendrick Simila
  • Charles Greene
  • George Mattimoe
  • William Sullivan
  • Ezio Delfino
  • Fred Gerk
  • Vernon Lowe
  • Darrell Guensler
  • Kristie Anderson
  • Barabara Block
  • Raymond Helmick
  • Partick Nichols
  • Glen Jex
  • George Shefcheck
  • Aves Thompson
  • Gary West
  • Richard Greek
  • Monty Hopper
  • Steve Morrison
  • Victor Gerber
  • Jack Kane
  • Dennis Ehrhart
  • Joe Gomez
  • Clark Cooney
  • Dennis Johannes
  • Brett Gurney
  • Roger Macey
  • Brett Saum
  • Kirk Robinson
  • Raymond Johnson, Jr.
  • Kristin Macey
  • Manuel Villicana
  • Mahesh Albuquerque
  • Jerry Buendel
  • Kurt Floren
  • Scott Simmons
  • Tim Lloyd

Les Murphy Award

This award is presented to an associate member from industry or other related fields with an interest in the purpose or activities of the weights and measures profession, who has been widely recognized for outstanding effort to advance the principles of the Association within the recent past.  A person who receives this award exemplifies Les Murphy’s qualities of ingenuity, original thinking outside the box, creativity, dedication to equity in the marketplace and consistent support for effective and fair weights and measures.

It is awarded by the Association in memory of Les Murphy, a pioneer scaleman and founder of the L.R. Murphy Scale Company, Sacramento, California, (now part of Cardinal-Detecto) who was instrumental in getting western officials and industry associates to organize the WWMA in 1958.  He designed and manufactured a broad line of heavy capacity scales utilizing welded steel pipe levers in place of the traditional cast-iron levers.  This manufacturing break through revolutionized the manufacture and marketing of heavy capacity mechanical scales in the post World War II era.


  • William Goodpaster
  • Kenneth Allen
  • Harry Couden
  • William Kerlin
  • Clyde Marion
  • Ted Mantes
  • Claude Parent
  • O.B. Phillips
  • Daryl Tonini
  • Richard Hurley
  • John Denham
  • Kathy Weber
  • Max Casanova
  • Terry James
  • Ray Wells
  • David English
  • Richard Davis
  • Bob Lincoln
  • Dave Heck
  • Jennifer Colman
  • Christopher Guay
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Michael Belue
  • Dan Kushnir
  • Michael Keilty
  • Bob Murnane
  • Tom Vormittag, Sr.
  • Dave Quinn
  • Daryl Tonini
  • Pete O'Bryan
  • Steve Langford
  • Darrell Flocken
  • Bill Ripka
  • Lou Straub
  • Doug Meyers
  • Rebecca Richardson

Earl Prideaux Award

This award is presented to a spouse of an associate or active or senior member of the association, who has provided exceptional support to the activities, goals and/or mission of the Western Weights and Measures Association.

The award is named for the late Earl Prideaux, who was a retired army officer who headed the Colorado Weights and Measures program for a number of years in the seventies and eighties.  Earl initiated the award to recognize the contributions member’s spouses make to the success of the annual conferences and to the goals of the association.


  • Wanda Goodpaster
  • Phyllis Dettler
  • Patsy Greene
  • Shirley Mattimoe
  • Verna Gerk
  • Marty Lewis
  • Laureen Sullivan
  • Beverly Parent
  • Dorothy Couden
  • Carol Williams
  • Lynne Guensler
  • Judy Davis
  • Barabara Harnett
  • Jenny Smith
  • Christine Greek
  • Phyllis Thompson
  • Kathy Wallace
  • Marianne Shefcheck
  • Phylis Thompson
  • Denise Johannes

Presidents Award Recipients

  • Ken Butcher
  • Bill Goodpaster
  • Rich Davis
  • Dave Heck
  • Aves Thompson
  • Joe Gomez
  • Kurt Floren
  • Steve Cook
  • Jerry Buendel
  • Brett Gurney
  • Kevin Merritt

Honorary Fellow Award Recipients

  • Kristie Anderson
  • James Lee Alcorn

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